Adopts Intent IQ’s Cookieless ID System to Enhance Ad Reach

IAB.ALM may be the best venue to take the pulse of the Adtech industry and develop strategic opportunities. This year didn’t disappoint. Our partners Assembly Global and shared great initial results with Intent IQ’s universal ID. The winners of 2024 will be those who experiment with cookieless addressability. Don’t wait and see. The answers are out there. You can see coverage of our announcement with

From NextTV:
“Ad tech platform said it is integrating Intent IQ’s cookieless identity system into the demand-side platform.
The deal is designed to enable advertisers to maximize reach with audiences that are becoming harder to reach as cookies deprecate as a means of identifying consumers online.

“With third-party cookies disappearing by the end of the year, advertisers are seeking alternative solutions that adhere to user’s privacy preferences while still reaching the right audiences, at the right time, and delivering on ROI,” chief technology officer and co-founder Paul Harrison said. “As the first demand-side platform to bring the Intent IQ-powered Cookieless Audience Extension to market, I look forward to supporting our clients as they adapt to this evolving industry landscape and utilize new and better tools to maximize reach and improve scale without the use of cookies.”
Intent IQ’s IQ ID makes cookieless users addressable. It is powered by a unique, patented technology that combines unprecedented scale and deterministic accuracy.”