How can publishers enhance their cookieless inventory and achieve an immediate positive impact on their cookieless monetization?

Publishers’ main obstacle today with cookieless inventory is the lack of valuable data/IDs for DSPs and SSPs, resulting in a lower win rate, decreased CPM, and fill rate.


Intent IQ‘s Bid Enhancement solution debuted in the Japanese market at the ATS Tokyo event last Friday. Our VP of Business Development, Tamir Shub, had a great session with a crowd of professionals and decision-makers heading the AdTech industry in Japan.
There were many interesting discussions and panels regarding content, programmatic activity, digital TV (CTV), and data clean rooms, but cookieless monetization and addressability was the hottest topic and a challenge for advertisers and publishers in every part of the world.
The Japanese mobile usage is high, with more than 55 Million households with approx 70% iOS share and 105 million smartphone users; the necessity for Bid Enhancement to provide better monetization in a cookieless environment can create a dramatic shift and better addressability for advertisers while benefiting consumers from pay free access to content and entertainment in a privacy friendly way.#ExchangeWire #ATSTokyo23 Thanks for hosting us at this great event! We are looking forward to your next conference.


cookieless inventory
cookieless inventory


Our goal is to ensure a cookieless future where our partners can continue to thrive.
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