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AI Pioneer Intent IQ Boosts Advertising Campaign Performance for Involved Media With Cookieless Alternative ID and Activation Suite

July 10, 2024

Campaign powered by Intent IQ’s alternative ID increases new leads by 77% over cookie-based activation while lowering the cost per lead by 71% compared to previous campaign flights

IntentIQ’s post-cookie alternative ID test shows promise

July 9, 2024

In the seemingly never-ending saga around cookies’ official sunsetting from digital advertising, more companies are entering the fray in an effort to secure a foothold among those looking for cookie replacements.

5 Minutes with Intent IQ’s Fabrice Beer-Gabel

APRIL 04, 2024

Intent IQ is a tech-driven identity resolution company, which has developed patented technology to bring advertisers and publishers closer together. Founded in 2009, the company now powers over 80,000 publisher sites in North America alone, as well as some connected TV (CTV) and mobile apps, but also works closely with media buyers to help them define their audiences.

パブリッシャーは、クッキーレスな在庫をどのように強化し、マネタイズへ向けて即座にポジティブな影響を与えることができるのか?―ATS Tokyo 2023イベントレポート(7)

Feb 21, 2024

デジタルメディアとマーケティング業界の有識者が一堂に会し、業界の最新動向についての議論を行うイベント「ATS Tokyo 2023」が12月8日、都内にて開催された。

While Google’s Privacy Sandbox may not be ready yet, Intent IQ’s Distributed Identity is ready and here NOW, bringing with it Scale, Accuracy, Precision, and Interoperability.

FEB 14, 2024 Partners with Intent IQ to Launch New Cookieless Advertising Solution

Jan 30, 2024

New Cookieless Targeting Solution Combats Signal Loss, Enhancing’s Existing Product Suite and Allowing Advertisers to Target Hard to Reach Audiences

Strategus Collaborates with Intent IQ and PubMatic to Offer Cookieless Audience Activation and CTV-to-iOS Retargeting

Dec 4, 2023

trategus, the technology company creating innovative solutions for programmatic CTV advertising campaigns today announced a new collaboration with Intent IQ and PubMatic to support retargeting of iOS users who have been exposed to CTV advertisements. The new cookieless audience activation solution allows advertisers to reach valuable iOS audiences, resulting in improved outcomes for CTV campaigns.

Embrace Cookie-Free Innovation With ID Clustering, Buyer IDs And Extended IDs For Enhanced Consumer And Advertiser Value

Nov 29, 2023

Going cookieless? Not a problem, right?

Dear advertiser, are you collecting first-party data and upgrading your contextual strategy? Do you find that there is enough cookied inventory out there and that Google’s Privacy Sandbox will have you covered?

Let me put it plainly: You’re taking a huge gamble on your company’s ability to reach its target audience, and time is running out!

PMW Performance Marketing World

Top 5 adtech tools this week

May 2, 2023

From ‘no code’ website builds to AI optimised press releases, here’s our round up of new ways to power up your tech stack. Intent IQ continues ID discovery services for video ad publisher platform Primis Intent IQ teams with video discovery company Primis for bid enhancement service to better identify IDs in a cookieless environment.

Webinar: Increasing Cookieless Inventory Revenue by 3x via Bid Enhancement Services TODAY

November, 2022

Brightcom, Intent IQ Partner To Provide ID Targeting For Cookieless Environments

April 11, 2022

Brightcom will announce the use of Intent IQ’s Bid Enhancement Services to better identify IDs in a cookieless environment, leveraging and maximizing monetization for Brightcom’s publishers’ portfolio. Etai Eitany, Brightcom CEO, says the company has built a reputation for helping site owners and app developers generate revenue across devices and environments, including display, video, and audio.

Brightcom partners with Intent IQ

April 13, 2022

Brightcom Group is partnering with Intent IQ, the next generation identity resolution leader, to enhance its bidding capability in RTB and programmatic advertising environments. Their service is powered by Intent IQ’s patented Identity Device Graph that processes over 20 billion events every 24 hours, over 11 billion email open/login events each month, and holds 80+ different attributes inside.
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החברה שעוזרת לנווט ב"עולם ללא עוגיות"

April 13, 2022

בזכות אחוזי דיוק כמעט מושלמים, מעל 150 פטנטים רשומים והבנת השינויים בשוק זיהוי הדפדפנים והאפליקציות – חברת Intent IQ מובילה את התחום. וההכנסות? מגיעות רק מרווחים ש—Intent IQ מייצרת עבור שותפיה

Clinch Partners with Intent IQ for Expanded Cookieless Identity Solution Across Mobile and CTV

Jan 13, 2022

First of its kind integration, offering real-time omnichannel data accessibility with up to 97% accuracy

Clinch and Intent IQ Team Up to Help Advertisers Reach Their Target Audience

Feb 4, 2022

Clinch has teamed up with Intent IQ to help advertisers reach potential customers. Clinch offers targeted marketing services across various digital channels, including connected televisions (CTVs) and mobile applications (MAIDs). Intent IQ, meanwhile, maintains a massive identity graph that includes more than 355 million CTV IDs and 448 million MAIDs in North America.

Intent IQ and Infolinks Join Forces to Boost Bid Ratio & Revenues

May 3, 2022

Intent IQ’s Bid Enhancement Services yields over 30% increase in ROI for digital ad campaigns run by Infolinks.