Intent IQ Introduces Browser Identity Hub (‘BIH’)

A New Solution to Uphold the Internet in a Cookie-less Environment, BIH is a high-coverage, high accuracy universal ID solution that mitigates third-party cookie deprecation, and facilitates cross-site and cross device ad targeting and attribution in a privacy forward way

Next generation identity resolution leader Intent IQ is introducing its Browser Identity Hub (‘BIH’) service, which addresses third-party cookieless environments, such as the one created by iOS Safari or the future Chrome, by stepping in and providing a privacy-friendly universal ID across 80% of sites’ cookieless ad inventory, powering targeting & attribution across sites and devices.

The universal ID is a number generated by Intent IQ that represents a person. The ID is not matched with personal information and remains anonymous. The Intent IQ solution enables partners – publishers, SSPs, DSPs, DMPs and advertisers, frequency capping, targeting and attribution in a privacy-forward way on a person level.

BIH works regardless of changes to user IP address and user agents.

BIH’s innovative, proprietary technology truly stands out in the coverage and accuracy it provides. BIH service covers over 80% of ad inventory with 90% accuracy.

By contrast, third-party cookies offer 56% coverage and log-in solutions offer coverage of less than 20%.


Intent IQ’s BIH solution is in line with online advertising industry standards and in compliance with applicable requirements, including CCPA. Originating from the people that invented and evangelized AdChoices, privacy is in Intent IQ’s DNA.

Protecting the Viability of the Internet’s Advertising Model and the AdTech Ecosystem

By being firmly rooted in the principals of the open internet, BIH protects players along the internet advertising value chain – from advertisers and DMPs through DSPs, SSPs, and publishers, from the threat posed by third-party cookie removal (Safari) and deprecation (Chrome). What makes BIH even more attractive, is that it does so without making any sacrifices of internet user privacy and anonymity. AdTech players who subscribe to the BIH solution will be able to enjoy the benefits of frequency capping, targeting and attribution across sites and across devices on a person level, long after third-party cookies are all gone.
“The demise of third-party cookies puts at risk the open internet as we know it. It jeopardizes ad revenues as the main revenue source for publishers, consumers’ ability to enjoy ad-funded content, advertisers’ ability to reach their target audiences outside the walled gardens and their ability to measure their ads’ effectiveness, as well as the entire AdTech value chain,” said Roy Shkedi, Chairman, Intent IQ. “We are excited to offer BIH as a solution and help the open internet to continue to thrive.”

About Intent IQ

Intent IQ is a privacy-forward next generation identity resolution leader, whose technology is powering many of the leading platforms in the industry. It is backed by AlmondNet Group’s IP portfolio currently comprised of over 150 granted patents. Intent IQ’s solutions are fueled by a powerful identity device graph with unparalleled accuracy and scale that connects all screens and devices, in real-time, across multiple environments including cookieless, MAID-less and CTV. Its solutions include privacy friendly identity resolution, Bid Enhancement Services and attribution. Intent IQ is headquartered in New York City and has a research and development center in Herzliya, Israel.