Who We Are


Intent IQ is an identity resolution pioneer enabling partners to confidently identify clients and prospects who interact with their sites, apps, and brick-and-mortar establishments, whether across their various screens or in person, while keeping privacy top of mind. Beneficiaries include: the media ecosystem, e-tailers, and financial institutions.

Backed by our future-proof identity resolution technology, Intent IQ has developed a suite of cookieless advertising solutions enabling cross-app, cross-site, and cross-device targeting, retargeting, and attribution. Using patented first-party ID clustering technology and the Intent IQ ID, our cookieless advertising solution creates an opportunity to generate incremental reach and conversions in Safari today, and Chrome tomorrow.

We are a deep tech shop based out of New York, backed by over 150 granted patents.



Founded in 1998, the AlmondNet Group is made up of parent company AlmondNet and its subsidiaries Datonics and Intent IQ.

The parent company AlmondNet Inc., which has developed an extensive suite of industry-leading targeted advertising solutions and products, is focused on R&D and the licensing of its extensive portfolio of enabling technology and Intellectual Property including over 150 granted patents covering numerous areas of the targeting landscape and ecosystem, including profile based bidding, behavioral targeting, data monetization and cross-device addressable advertising and attribution.