Intent IQ is a privacy friendly identity resolution leader, its solutions powered by the best device graph in the market -  deterministic accuracy with probabilistic scale.



Maximize return on ad spend by identifying, targeting/retargeting and attributing user conversions across all devices and browsers at scale.


Recognize email openers (even those who did not click) upon arrival to your website and personalize engagement with them within and outside your site.


Enable your clients with powerful insights and cross device targeting, retargeting and attribution capabilities to maximize their return on ad spend from your platform.

Cross device targeting

Cross Device.png

The path of a user purchase journey often spans across multiple devices, leaving marketers in the dark as they attempt to engage with their target audience, optimize media spend across devices and attribute conversions.




Online identity fraud is a major industry challenge. Current industry solutions include reliance on an extensive offline identity database, two step authentication and behavioral biometrics. Each of those solutions have their own advantages and disadvantages.