Powered by Intent IQ ID ('IIQ ID')

Bid Enhancement

Leveraging the power of Prebid EIDs

Intent IQ’s Bid Enhancement for cookieless monetization: Providing a new stream of revenue for publishers, video platforms, exchanges, and CTV & Mobile Apps inventory.

Addressability and measurement at scale – privacy by design.

Bid Enhancement

Addressability At Scale

Accuracy of 90%+ with coverage of over 80%.

Serving 2B+ cookieless impressions per day across 80,000+ sites.

Using our deterministically verified 1st-party clustering technology, we act as an ID switchboard for our partners, facilitating scalable targeting of ads within cookieless ad space.

Monetizing Cookieless Inventory

Providing missing SSP and DSP demand IDs using prebid EIDs in cookieless bid requests.

Matching all your DSP and SSP partner IDs in real time.

Powered by Intent IQ ID (‘IIQ ID’), backed by patented, 1st-party ID clustering technology & AI.

With technology deployed across 80,000+ sites, Intent IQ helps partners thrive in cookieless environments such as Safari, Edge, and Firefox today, and Chrome tomorrow.


Our technology speaks for itself.

We’re only paid from any incremental revenue we generate for our partners.

Intent IQ’s confidence in its technology is reflected in its business model. We are only paid from any incremental revenue we generate for our sell-side partners, while the service is free for advertisers; that is to say, there is no out-of-pocket cost for either. This is especially impressive given that a typical partner will call on our servers tens of millions of times a day, and we don’t charge them a penny.

Generate Lift Using Intent IQ
1st-Party ID Clustering Technology

Fill in the gaps of missing IDs from your SSP and DSP partners associated with your ad space.
Immediate results include increased revenue, CPM, and fill rate.

Lift revenue by 20%-30% overall and regain lost revenue from cookieless inventory.

Performance-based model, revenue share from the incremental revenue we generate for you – transparent and clear measurement of our value proposition with a constant A/B test.

Integration entails one tag implementation supporting Prebid (header bidding), JS, or RTB Server-side integration.

Why Bid Enhancement?

Take your cookieless inventory to the next level.

Monetize 80%+ of ad inventory at 92% - 97% accuracy

Intent IQ Bid Enhancement facilitates the selling of 2B+ video and display targeted ads each day within the ad space of partner publishers on iPhone Safari and other cookieless browsers across 80,000+ premium sites, lifting publishers’ cookieless ad revenue by an average of 50% – 150%.

Regain lost cookieless ad revenue in North America, LATAM, & APAC

Built off our proprietary first-party ID clustering identity resolution technology, our sell-side solution allows companies to deliver relevant ads to consumers while monetizing their cookieless inventory in compliance with local privacy regulations anywhere we have market presence – including North America, LATAM, and APAC.

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