Identity Resolution Technology

With 92% – 97% accuracy while covering over 80% of ad inventory, our distributed identity approach is proof that it is not necessary to compromise on either addressability or scale in the cookieless world.

92% - 97%




Powered by
Intent IQ Identity Device Graph

The Identity Device Graph powering our services maintains an accurate, real-time map of relationships between households, individuals, devices, browsers, and apps, making it possible to anonymously match otherwise unidentified users and cluster them with other IDs used by programmatic buyers and sellers.

We’re able to reach over 300M+ unique individuals in 120M+ households, with video and display media served across desktop, mobile, and CTV devices across more than 80,000 sites. Raw data sources used to build the graph include 20B+ digital signals processed daily and 15B+ email open and log-in events per month.

The graph is entirely dynamic in that no entity within it exists longer than 48 hours before being refreshed.

Connecting multiple
screens across
Four Layers
Of Identity

Using our patented first-party ID clustering technology, IDs are aggregated into the graph’s four layers of identity: household, individual, device, and profile.

Our Identity Device Graph merges these layers for an accurate, real-time map of relationships between households, individuals, devices, browsers, and apps.

identity resolution





92%- 0 %

Intent IQ Graph Accuracy

deterministically measured and verified daily

Our one-of-a-kind, unique identity resolution technology and graph boast deterministic accuracy and probabilistic scale across any platform while keeping privacy top of mind.

Backed by our Identity Device Graph, Intent IQ has developed a set of addressability, measurement, and cookieless advertising solutions with the goal of helping companies throughout the adtech ecosystem navigate present and future cookieless landscapes, compounding in our Bid Enhancement and Cookieless Audience Activation service.

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