IntentIQ & Prebid – We simply lift your revenue

By Dror Ben-Yishai, IntentIQ’s CTO

Header bidding has been a part of digital advertising since 2015 and since then exploding to almost any know DSP/SSP, effectively allowing publishers’ SSPs to offer their ad space to many different DSPs at once, as opposed to working with only one or two SSP’s.

However, due to the way header bidding works, SSPs are at a distinct disadvantage.

Here we’ll discuss how IntentIQ can help SSPs overcome the innate challenges of header bidding and become solid competitors in the online advertising ecosystem.

How Header Bidding Works

The way header bidding works is that SSPs partake in automated, real-time auctions where they sell their adspace. Multiple DSPs can then bid on the adspace at the same time, which is different from the sequential mode/waterfall approach used previously.

The simultaneous bidding creates a more competitive ad landscape and allows SSPs to accept the highest bidder.

The auctions are conducted through a JavaScript wrapper in the header of the webpage. The wrapper connects the page to various demanding partners that are interested in buying the adspace. These demands partners can bid on each ad request on that page simultaneously. The wrapper then conducts an auction between the received bids and sends the winning bid to the winning ad server.

The Challenges of Header Bidding

While at the same time that header bidding creates its power from multiple demands partners at the same time, it conceals an inherent problem of missing buyer IDs due to the need to sync with each one of the SSP’s sometimes resulted in up to 40% missing buyer IDs during the Prebid header bidding auction, due to numerous reasons including cookieless browsers such as Safari Firefox and Chrome soon to follow.
eventually could lead to up to 20% revenue lost.

The IntentIQ Solution: Prebid Integration Bid Enhancement Services

IntentIQ offers seamless integration with Prebid that can result in up to 30% more revenue for our clients. Together, Prebid & IntentIQ add revenue to your pocket.

Increased revenue is possible because our integration solves the challenges of header bidding: missing buyer IDs. Prebid & IntentIQ fixes the missing ID problem for all SSPs.

We do this by filling in the missing buyer IDs using 4 layers of identities: House > Person > Device > Profile, seamless integration with the IntentIIQ Prebid adapter delivers SSPs with missing buyer IDs.

IntentIQ is able to create a win-win situation where DSPs can better recognize users worth targeting and impressions worth paying more for, While SSPs are able to generate more revenue per impression/user within the Prebid ecosystem.