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CTV Attribution

Intent IQ’s CTV attribution service attributes online actions and offline conversions to CTV/OTT ads in all environments including cookie-less and MAID-less. 

  • Intent IQ’s CTV graph facilitates CTV targeting and attribution using online and offline data. Over 114M households and offices in the US and Canada.

  • Accuracy of 92%-97% measured deterministically with 4M different samples every 24 hours.

CTV attribution

Main Features of the CTV/OTT Graph

Click-Through Attribution, 100% View-Through Attribution  

Support for all levels of attribution (Brick and Mortar, Household, person, device, browser level) without being restricted to a single house IP address.
This catch-all attribution enables advertisers to focus on the effectiveness of multichannel campaigns on different devices, from the beginning of the customer’s journey through to the action.


360* Attribution Solution

Attributes multiple consumer devices such as laptops, tablets, mobile phones, connected TVs, and game consoles, etc. to a single consumer.

Future Proof Advertising Ecosystem

Supports the latest Apple iOS 14 changes - advertising IDs (IDFA) have been eliminated and third-party cookies are soon to be obsolete.

Brick and Mortar Support

Supports physical brick-and-mortar attribution based on hashed mail to an online campaign - connecting physical brick-and-mortar stores into the online world of the consumer. In addition, offline attribution can be measured by geo-fencing brick and mortar stores.


Home Office Attribution

Supports home/office attribution across multiple devices and locations. For example, a consumer sees a banner on their work laptop, and in the evening, they answer a call to action from their home later they will engage with CTA from their home.​

Unique and aggregate RT dashboard


simple seamless integration

  • No JavaScript

  • Super fast

  • Harmless

  • Instant solution

  • Less intrusive

  • Privacy-friendly - no PII!

To get a tailormade price please contact us:

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We'de love to tell you more about Intent IQ, and to set up a trial customized for your needs. 

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