Cookieless audience performance platform is here

Intent IQ sponsored 4A’s Decisions 2023 conference held in New York on March. Our VP of partnerships and strategy, Fabrice Beer-Gabel, shares his takeaway: The event brought together agencies, adtech, brands, and consultants under 4A’s leadership to explore how agencies and marketers are leveraging emerging trends, and how they work together to test and refine their new business models. Perpetual Disruptions were the focus of the event, emphasizing the major changes taking place in terms of the economic environment, Big Tech practices, approaches to privacy and identity, and TV convergence. Updates and recommendations were given on a broad range of topics such as agency strategy, privacy regulations, streaming opportunities, retail media networks, AI for creative generation, DOOH, measurement, and currencies.

Key recommendations to agencies included:

  1. Accelerating investment in technology
  2. Building up consulting skills
  3. Moving away from FTE (full-time equivalent) commercial models
  4. Being aware of and experimenting with identity, currencies, and measurement

As an identity resolution industry leader, we have built a cloud-based cookieless audience performance platform to help agency partners strike the optimum balance between identity and privacy across their activation and measurement services. On top of our signature identity graph and clustering technology, we partner with marketers across a range of services such as building their cookieless identity spine, providing full-funnel CTV-to-Safari attribution, onboarding client first-party data, providing third-party data insights for cookieless audiences (e.g. Safari site visitors), targeting and retargeting cookieless audiences. The regained transparency and optimization across cookieless, match rates, and long funnel blind spots can result in a 5x – 15x lift in ROAS.