While Google’s Privacy Sandbox may not be ready yet, Intent IQ’s Distributed Identity is ready and here NOW, bringing with it Scale, Accuracy, Precision, and Interoperability.

Intent IQ’s own Fabrice Beer-Gabel Intent IQ’s VP of strategy and partnership was quoted alongside Jeff Green, CEO of The Trade Desk, Anthony Katsur, IAB Tech Lab CEO and Robert Blanck, GM of Advertising and eCommerce at Axel Springer, talking about the state of identity and the IAB’s recent report on Google’s Privacy Sandbox in the The Trade Desk’s The Current’s recent story on the report.

While the IAB report finds that the industry isn’t ready for Google’s Privacy Sandbox yet, we’re ready for it with Distributed Identity! Offering everything from high match rates to person-level addressability at scale, we’re preparing now for a cookieless future.
As the story states: “For now, those with an investment in the future of identity remain skeptical about the value of Privacy Sandbox and its ability to deliver scale, accuracy, precision, and interoperability. ‘At a minimum, this thing is not ready and it’s not baked for an industry transition. And certainly there’s a long list of challenges out there that are being described,’ says Fabrice Beer-Gabel, the VP of strategy and partnerships at Intent IQ.
“We think that identity is essential to anything cookieless to gain adoption by the ecosystem. It’s got to work for the buy side and for the sell side. So whatever it is, whatever that solution’s going to be, it has to somehow get buy-in from ad sellers and ad buyers in a broad sense, publishers and agencies and advertisers,” he says.

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