What are the Challenges Facing CTV/OTT Advertising?

What are the Challenges Facing CTV/OTT Advertising?

CTV and OTT advertising is different from linear TV. The latter offers ads that you can’t fast-forward through or skip (unless you go to the bathroom). While these ads are fairly effective, the growing popularity of CTV/OTT is leading many advertisers to consider creating ads for this audience. Sometimes, though, the challenges hold them back and they miss out on a valuable audience.

Here we’ll discuss the main challenges of CTV/OTT advertising, and our solution that addresses all of them.

  1. Audiences are broad – One of the main benefits of digital advertising is the ability to target ads based on user activity, but with CTV, it’s not always known which family member is watching, which makes targeting difficult.
  2. Direct impact on sales is hard to measure – Marketing campaign ROI is important, but with CTV, the direct impact of video ads on sales is unclear.
  3. Cost – The cost of CTV advertising seems higher than other advertising channels, especially considering the other challenges.

The Intent'IQ Solution to CTV and OTT Advertising Challenges

How can marketers meet the many and diverse challenges of CTV/OTT advertising? Intent’IQ has developed a solution that meets ALL the challenges with one simple tool.

Our CTV/OTT next-gen Identity Graph matches the IP address of the CTV/OTT with a household’s online devices. The matching occurs with or without cookies or mobile advertising IDs (MAIDS), making it “future-proof” for when advertising IDs and third-party cookies become obsolete.

This allows marketers and media buyers to accurately measure view through attribution on a large scale, by associating online events such as website and app visits, purchase actions, app installs, downloads, and in-app purchases, to the delivered CTV/OTT ads.

How does the Identity Graph work?

IIQ tracks and logs billions of online events daily to generate a highly accurate and scalable real-time device graph based on a stack of complex algorithms and AI combined with the largest deterministic data set in North America. The graph can match CTV/OTT ads viewed in a household with any given online event performed on the household’s devices.

How the Intent'IQ Identity Graph Addresses the Challenges of CTV/OTT Advertising

Now we’ll look specifically at how the IIQ solution meets the challenges of CTV/OTT advertising discussed above.

1. Solution: Audiences are broad

IIQ offers 360° attribution, which attributes multiple consumer devices such as laptops, tablets, mobile phones, connected TVs, and game consoles, etc. to a single consumer. Our Graph offers support for all levels of attribution — brick and mortar, household, person, device, browser level — without being restricted to a single house IP address. This allows marketers to target their ads much more effectively. Accuracy of 92%-97% measured deterministically with 4M different samples every 24 hours.

2. Solution: Direct impact on sales is hard to measure

Intent’IQ catch-all attribution enables marketers to focus on the effectiveness of multichannel campaigns on different devices, from the beginning of the customer’s journey through to the action. This deals with the challenge of measuring exactly the ROI of each campaign.

3. Solution: Cost

While CTV/OTT advertising might seem costly, skimping means you will lose out on potential customers — especially as the market continues to grow. While IIQ’s solution can’t reduce the cost of ads, it can make the money you spend much more effective. Instead of throwing money at CTV/OTT ads and not being sure where it’s going and what it’s doing, IIQ’s solution enables you to know exactly what you’re getting for your money.

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