OTT attribution: overcoming the challenges of house IP address movement in CTV

By Noam Ben-Yishai IntentIQ’s R&D Team Leader

CTV attribution is hard, it’s hard like fishing with a net full of holes.

those holes are caused by the constant movement of house IP addresses, cross-device activities, long time gaps between each phase in the customer journey, multiple media channels, and many more reasons.

we know that because we had to solve each one of those problems while building our attribution service.

our service relies on our device graph which is built for speed, we detect those changes very close to the actual time they took place, we do that in scale and unmatchable accuracy.

Intent IQ attribution service will survive under harsh conditions where there are no 3rd party cookies with almost every input, such as IP, UA, HEM, MAIDs, IFV. give us a chance we will fix your net, join us today.