Seven days? Intent IQ is already there.

With the recent news of Apple’s webkit tweak, it’s good to know that Intent IQ has been working with the seven-day time window limitation for a while now, its bid enhancement service increasing ad space sellers revenue by 3X despite the imitation. Intent IQ’s Bid Enhancement solution provides ad space sellers with their partner DSP and SSP IDs in the ~40% of bids where they have no cookie IDs in place, generating revenue and reducing the hassle of user syncing, providing a reliable identity solution for their businesses.

Given Apple’s new policy (webkit tweak), Companies using the CNAME/URL decoration hack will be treated as a third party and thus will have only seven days to operate, which will highly impact their performance as they don’t have Intent IQ’s proprietary technology that overcomes this limitation.

The recent changes mean that companies claiming to offer first-party IDs (using URL decoration) will now be downgraded to become third-party IDs and will likely struggle in iOS environments as a result of their window of operation reduced from 30 days to 7 days. However, with Intent IQ’s existing solution, businesses can rely on Intent IQ’s proven track record and expertise in overcoming the seven-day time window limitation to navigate these changes with ease.

By partnering with Intent IQ, businesses can access a reliable and proven identity solution, enabling them to continue reaching their target audiences and achieving their advertising goals.

This success is a testament to the company’s expertise and innovative solutions in navigating the changing digital advertising landscape. We invite you to join us and take advantage of the benefits.