Deal Continues ID Discovery Services for Video Discovery Platform

Primis, a leader in video discovery, has announced that it has renewed an exclusivity partnership with Intent IQ, a next-generation identity resolution company. Primis will continue using Intent IQ’s bid enhancement service to identify IDs in a cookieless environment better, leveraging and maximizing ad monetization for Primis’ publisher clients in the United States, Canada, and Australia. Primis works with publishers to actively grow their video views and as a result, grow their video ad revenue. It is used by hundreds of digital publishers – empowering over 450 million unique visitors a month with an engagement-based video experience.

Primis and Intent IQ have worked together since 2021, when Primis found out Intent IQ has the largest coverage and finest accuracy in term of data identity. Intent IQ’s bid enhancement solution was implemented to better identify IDs in a cookieless environment by enabling data-driven addressability across all Primis’ network inventory. Intent IQ’s identity device graph aggregated Primis’ publishers, SSP and DSP buyers IDs into a single Intent IQ universal, individual ID. These IDs unlocked potential cookieless inventory that was hiding in plain sight.

“Once our bid enhancement technology was implemented, Primis saw double-digit revenue lift and unlocked cookieless demand for its publisher network both on header bidding and Open RTB,” said Roy Shkedi, Intent IQ Chairman. “We’re excited to continue working closely with Primis in 2023 for its cookieless ID discovery needs.”

“Not long after we started working with Intent IQ, we discovered that its bid enhancement services reduced both the hassle of maintaining the user sync management and our overall bidding costs. This resulted in high coverage and a wide range of ad supply with a click of a button,” said Eyal Betzalel, Co.CEO at Primis. “We are excited to be working with Intent IQ for the second year in a row and to see continued revenue lift from our unified publisher IDs.”