Can we measure CTV/OTT?

By Noam Ben-Yishai, Intent IQ’s Service R&D Team Leader

With a view-through of up to 180 days and a lack of standard measurement, some things can’t be measured and will always be inaccurate and subjective.

Is CTV advertising effective? Is there life on other planets? I guess it’s valid till proven otherwise… right?

We don’t know about life on other planets, but we can certainly measure CTV advertising!

Using Intent IQ’s 360 view-through solutions, we attribute multiple consumer devices such as laptops, tablets, mobile phones, connected TVs, and game consoles to a single consumer, making CTV attribution accurate and measurable.

Unlike traditional attribution, CTV is mainly based on view-through. With its super accurate and scalable identity graph describing the whole customer journey in detail, this is where Intent IQ attribution really shines.

We support all levels of attribution (brick and mortar, household, person, device, and browser level) without being restricted to a single household IP address.

What do you get out of it? This catch-all attribution enables advertisers to focus on the effectiveness of multichannel campaigns on different devices. Our one-centric approach, from the beginning of the customer’s journey through to the action, measure, and attributes.

Stop guessing. Start measuring.