Bid Enhancement Services by Intent IQ- is it too good to be true?

By Dror Ben-Yishai, Intent IQ’s CTO

We hear the same question in many meetings with partners and potential partners-

Is Intent IQ’s Bid Enhancement Services too good to be true?

Our answer is simple: NO. It truly is as good as it sounds for the following reasons:

Approximately 40% of bid requests don’t have a DSP/SSP/partner cookie ID.

This statistic is mind-boggling and indicative of a huge problem that needs to be addressed: Almost half of RTB transactions are made without any prior knowledge of the consumer, leaving the user with ads that aren’t tailored to their browsing experience, while publishers’ ad space value does not reflect the publisher’s audience desirability to advertisers.

Intent IQ tackles the issue of missing cookie IDs with Bid Enhancement Services, an advanced solution based on cutting-edge identity technology providing partners with IDs for the DSPs & SSPs they already work within the ~40% of bid requests where there are no cookie IDs in place.

We do this by using our powerful and highly accurate identity graph that supports cookieless environments such as Safari, CTV/OTT, and Game consoles by blending the power of advanced AI and domain expertise of more than a decade with large-scale deterministic events to form a unique correlation between all user devices and browsers.

The result is an Always-on ID condition for all bid requests across SSP-supported buyers (DSP and SSP). We further inform our partners with those IDs first created time-stamp and last seen time-stamp and on which device to help improve A/B testing.”.

To clarify: Bid Enhancement Services value is NOT in providing another user ID.

Intent IQ provides missing DSP/SSP IDs in the ~40% of cases where there are none, resulting in a 20%-30% revenue increase.

In fact, revenue lift is so substantial that integration with Intent IQ was prioritized by a new partner over integration with new demand sources in Q4.

Above all, the value of Intent IQ’s Bid Enhancement Services is reflected in the service structured as a partnership.

Intent IQ is only paid from the incremental new revenues its Bid Enhancement Services generates for our partners.

As we believe in our product, companies can opt out of our solution at any point in the first 90 days with a mere one-day notice and with a 30-day notice afterward.

With Google postponing third-party cookie deprecation by the end of 2023, the ad tech ecosystem has 2.5 years to benefit from Intent IQ’s Bid Enhancement Services 20%-30% revenue increase.

Furthermore, after the cookie deprecates down the road, our solution only increases in value as Intent IQ’s unique cookieless solution covers over 80% of ad inventory with 90% accuracy.

To summarize: if you are an SSP, what are you waiting for?

Reach out to us to discuss a potential partnership!