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Intent IQ® Bid Enhancement


Are you an SSP or a Publisher who’s trying to maximize revenues from your current traffic? 

We are a next-gen identity resolution provider, helping SSPs and publishers lift their revenues by 20% to 30% from their current demand and supply partners by increasing their bid rate, CPM and fill-rate.


  • By simply opening up your inventory and allowing the powerful Intent IQ identity device graph to aggregate all of the SSP and DSP IDs into a single Intent IQ Person ID while also returning your partner SSP and DSP IDs when you are missing such IDs

  • Intent IQ supports third party cookie and cookieless environments, such as Safari and the future Chrome.

  • Integration is simple. Options include: header bidding, server-side and Prebid.

Business impact?

  • Immediate results, driven by having more SSP and DSP IDs associated with your ad space when you do not have them, along with the Intent IQ ID.

  • Increases your bid ratio, CPM and fill-rate.

  • Lift your revenues by 20%-30%.

For example:     


  • If 60% of your inventory today is associated with an ID, we should be able to increase it to 80%.

  • We are not “reinventing the wheel”, we are “just” linking more of your inventory to identity.

  • And we are not providing a new transactional ID.

  • We rely on our very powerful ID device graph, to provide the missing partner SSP and DSP IDs along with Intent IQ ID.     


Wow, and the cost?

  • You only pay a revenue share from the incremental revenue we generate for you.

Sounds too good to be true. How come I’ve never heard of you guys?

  • We are a deep tech shop, New York-based, with over 150 granted patents across our properties, and we power some companies we are sure you have heard of, with our white-labeled solutions.

  • We are focused on developing innovative solutions, and let them speak for themselves.

Get in touch with our experts.

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We'de love to tell you more about Intent IQ, and to set up a trial customized for your needs. 

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