We have proven success providing SSPs and Publishers a 20%-30% lift in revenue

Intent IQ's Bid Enhancement Service for SSPs & Publishers is adding 15%-30% incremental revenues immediately after implementation. 


Intent IQ’s turnkey technology enhances bid requests with additional identifiers of multiple platforms IDs across all users’ devices resulting in increased bid ratio, eCPM, and value to the platform and its partners.


The service is performance-based. Intent IQ’s only compensation is a share of the upside it delivers. 


  • By simply opening up your inventory and allowing the powerful IIQ ID device graph to aggregate all of the SSP and DSP IDs into a single IIQ Person ID.

  • While also returning to you the current partner SSP and DSP IDs when you’re missing such an ID

  • The IIQ Person ID (the single ID) addresses third party cookieless environments, both in  the current Safari and in the future with Chrome

Business impact?

  • Immediate results, driven by having more SSP and DSP IDs associated when you do not have them, along with the IIQ ID

  • Increases your bid ratio

  • Drives additional revenue 

For example:     


  • If 60% of your inventory today is associated with an ID, we should be able to increase it to 80%

  • We’re not “reinventing the wheel”, we’re “just” linking more of your inventory to identity

  • And we’re not providing a new transactional ID

  • We rely on our very powerful ID device graph, to provide the missing partner SSP and DSP IDs along with IIQ ID     


Wow, and the cost?

  • You only pay for incremental revenue 

Sounds too good to be true. How come I’ve never heard of you guys?

  • We’re a deep tech shop, New York-based, with over 150 granted patents across our properties, and we power some companies 

  • We’re sure you’ve heard of, with our white-labeled solutions 

  • We’ve focused on developing innovative solutions, and let them speak for themselves.

  • This is why we offer you to test our Bid Enhancement solution for free for 14 days and see the value it generates for you before we ask for any commitment 

What does integration entail?

  • It’s simple. Case-specific.

Get in touch with our experts to go over. Pre-bid or API-based. Easy as can be.

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We'de love to tell you more about Intent IQ, and to set up a trial customized for your needs.