Proven success – Intent IQ is the best in identity technology!

With patented first-party ID clustering for cookieless monetization, addressability, and measurement at scale using privacy by design,

Intent IQ was declared the winner and best in identity technology at a luxury gala Evening. What a phenomenal ride!!

Why us?

Signal loss following third-party cookie deprecation has made about 50% of browser traffic inaccessible for addressable advertising. However, first-party IDs are still used by publishers. It is well known that third-party cookies, when available, are used for tracking, targeting, frequency capping, and measurement purposes across websites, while first-party cookies are used within websites. Where one viewer was previously represented by a single third-party cookie across multiple websites visited by the viewer’s browser, first-party cookie IDs are unique to the publisher and viewer, with the loss of third-party cookies resulting in a multiplication of IDs per browser.

By working with publishers, Intent IQ has developed a proprietary first-party ID clustering technology. Using code-on-page, we collect first-party cookies on behalf of the publisher, using our technology to match them into our patented, multi-layer Identity Device Graph.

The IDs are aggregated into the graph’s four layers of identity: household, individual, device, and profile.

Our Identity Device Graph merges these layers for an accurate, real-time map of relationships between households, individuals, devices, browsers, and apps. We’re able to reach over 300 million unique individuals over 120 million households, with video and display media served across desktop, mobile, and CTV devices across more than 50,000 sites. Raw data sources used to build the graph include over 20 billion digital signals processed daily and over 15 billion email open and log-in events per month.

The graph is entirely dynamic in that no entity within it exists longer than 48 hours before being refreshed. Renewed on a regular basis, these data linkages cover over 80% of ad inventory with a daily and deterministically verified accuracy of 92%-97%.

Working in tandem, our first-party ID clustering technology and graph are able to anonymously match otherwise unidentified users and group them with other IDs used by programmatic buyers and sellers.

This technology helps companies throughout the AdTech ecosystem navigate present and future cookieless landscapes, compounded in our Bid Enhancement service for the sell side and our Audience Performance Platform for the buy side.

Bid Enhancement utilizes Intent IQ’s patented technology to match unidentified users with corresponding IDs of SSP and DSP partners of client ad space sellers who distribute the IDs in the programmatic bid stream. The presence of these missing IDs in cookieless bid requests enables targeting that is effective, scalable, and accurate. This in turn generates higher programmatic revenue for adspace sellers by increasing fill rate and CPM. The results are immediate in Safari and other cookieless browsers today, with the technology ready to run in Chrome once Google inevitably deprecates third-party cookies in their browser.

Built on top of our graph, our Audience Performance Platform is a one-stop shop for cookieless targeting and retargeting, onboarding, attribution, and analytics for marketers and DSPs.

Our full-funnel attribution solution can measure a full path-to-conversion, even from a cookieless CTV impression to a product purchase made on an iPhone or cookieless browser. We’re able to do so while supporting long funnels of up to six months with no loss in accuracy. By matching our partners’ first-party data into the graph, we can deliver audience insights and analytics. Using our clustering technology, we act as an ID switchboard for our demand partners, providing them with first-party IDs for activation, onboarding, and targeting.

Backed by our parent company’s 150+ granted patents covering cornerstones of digital advertising, our technology supports many of the key players in the industry and offers them a unique, proven, sustainable, and privacy-forward way of thriving in this new cookieless reality.