Times fly by – Our Summer Interns Share Their IntentIQ/Datonics experience

By Gali Rom-Amsili, Intent IQ’s Customer Success Manager and Business Development.

As Summer ends, so does internship season. Look what Amichai & Jordan think, sharing, bringing some highlights, favorite memories, knowledge from their internship experience at IntentIQ/Datonics.

1- Tell us a little bit about yourself and what/where you are studying.

My name is Amichai Schleifer, I am 20 years old, and I grew up in Manhattan in New York City. I am currently attending Duke University in North Carolina for my undergraduate degree. I have also always loved data analytics, But I believe school is about learning from as many different fields of study as possible, so I have taken classes in environmental science, evolutionary anthropology, and market management, with the hope that I can use all this knowledge to create my own path. In addition, I love playing tennis, biking in the park, getting better at chess, and spending time with friends in my free time.

My name is Jordan Poreh, and I’m from Cleveland, Ohio. I’m a rising Junior in the farmer school of business at Miami University, studying finance. After spending 2 months as an intern for IntentIQ/Datonics, I had many great experiences.

2- What was your favorite memory this summer during your internship at IntentIQ/Datonics?

Amichai: my favorite memory at Intent IQ this summer was our trip to the North, where we went rafting, dune buggying, and had some great food. I had a lot of fun on the trip, but it was my favorite memory because I spent quality time with the people at Intent IQ. While I was able to interact with them and learn a lot from them in the office, that trip allowed me to bond with them in a way that wasn’t possible in the office.

3- What is your favorite memory from your summer in Israel?

Amichai: My favorite memory from my summer in Israel was when a few friends and I went to Mitzpe Ramon. Waking up to see the sunrise over the crater was beautiful, and hiking down to the center of the crater was a lot of fun. However, what was most memorable was stargazing at night because it was so peaceful and relaxing. Living in New York City, I had never seen so many stars in my life, and it was an experience I will remember forever.

Jordan: My favorite part of spending the summer in Israel was the food. Every day I ate something new, and I broadened my horizons on the culinary front.

4- Tell me something interesting you learned while working at

Amichai: Something I learned at IntentIQ/Datonics that I found was interesting was that data could come from multiple sources. which gives them a different and valuable perspective of their target audience. The use of both data sources is key for IntentIQ/Datonics in being able to sort and categorize their data.

Jordan: While working at IntentIQ/Datonics, I learned about the world of data. Something interesting I learned was how to use the company’s taxonomy to classify different domains and use these domains to determine how important they were to an advertiser.

5- What's your biggest takeaway on Identity/SSP marketing?

Our biggest takeaway on Identity marketing is that people are multidimensional and have many different facets to their character and identity. While that makes understanding how to advertise to them more difficult, it is important to keep in mind that there are many different ways to appeal to their identity. Therefore, being constantly cognizant of how to frame and categorize the data to appeal to consumers’ most important parts of their identity is something I learned that I think is extremely important.

Thank you very much, Amichai & Jordan.