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Cookieless Audience Activation

Audience Onboarding and Cross Device Attribution

Version release – 01.07.2023

Audience Onboarding 

We are happy to announce we released a new product for advertisers and agencies where they can onboard their 1st party data and matches cookieless site visitors, hashed emails (HEMs), and CRM files to Intent IQ’s multi-layer, cookieless universal identifier mapped to household, person, device, browser, and app. The onboarded data is transferred via secure buckets, site pixels, or clean rooms and can be segmented across any number of custom audiences.

Audience Insights & Activation

Overlays 3rd-party insights onto any 1st-party audience to learn from 1,000+ demographic, lifestyle, financial, and other applicable audience segments, subsequently pushing 1st-party audiences to other platforms for activation in cookies environments. 

Cross-device attribution

Measure and optimize full-funnel campaign performance, CPA &  ROAS across cookieless channels (e.g. CTV, Safari) and long funnels.