Technology Policy

Technology Policy

Intent IQ is a New York-based advertising technology company that provides a service to both consumers and the advertising community by delivering and facilitating the delivery of relevant ads to consumers (“Users”) on different devices such as laptop, desktop, tablet, smartphone and TV based on non-personally identifiable information collected across the different devices as well as facilitate fraud detection.
So that we may help you to understand how our technology works, and to allow you to exercise your privacy preferences, we offer this Technology Privacy Policy. For information about the information collected and used from this website,,please see our website privacy policy.

What types of information does Intent IQ collect?

Our technology collects Profile Data about Users and Device Data about Users’ devices. Profile Data includes: web pages, mobile applications, videos and other content viewed, browsed and interacted with (including via emails), searches conducted, certain demographic information such as your gender, the advertising displayed on your device and your interaction with such ads. Device Data includes: your device IP address, device user agent such as type of browser and operating system, and approximate device GEO-location such as zip code (deduced for example from an IP address or geographical coordinates). This data is collected via User consumption of device-based media.

Intent IQ does NOT actively collect any personally identifiable information from Users. Intent IQ also does NOT store any personally identifiable information such as name, address, telephone number, social security number or e-mail. As a result, we have no way of individually identifying a particular User.

How is the information collected through Intent IQ technology used?

The collected information is used by Intent IQ to create a Dynamic Device Map of different browsers, apps and devices associated with a User. The browsers, apps and devices are identified by Device Data and non-personally identifiable IDs including cookies and mobile operating systems assigned IDs. Based on the collected information and the Dynamic Device Map Intent IQ is able to select relevant advertisements and deliver them to Users on different browsers, apps and devices associated with them including laptop, desktop, smartphone, tablet or TV. The information and the Dynamic Device Map could also be used for reporting purposes as well as analytics. The Dynamic Device Map could further be used for fraud detection. Third parties receiving the Dynamic Device Map could use it similarly to the way it is used by Intent IQ.

Do you use Cookies and other IDs in connection with your technology?

Intent IQ’ technology uses cookies online and on mobile platforms that accept cookies. A cookie is a small text file that a browser stores on a User’s computer for record-keeping purposes and future recognition of that User’s computer by the server that placed the cookie. The Intent IQ cookie contains an automatically-assigned value. This value is a series of letters, numbers and characters that does not contain your name, email address, or other personally identifiable information. On mobile platforms where cookies are not accepted, Intent IQ is experimenting with alternative tracking technologies such as HTML5. Additional non-personally identifiable IDs used by Intent IQ technology include hashed email addresses and mobile operating systems assigned IDs such as iOS’ IDFA, Android Advertising ID and Windows Phone Advertising ID.

To whom is the information disclosed?

Intent IQ discloses to its advertisers or partners aggregate information about the advertisements delivered using the Intent IQ system or aggregate analytics information. Intent IQ makes available to its partners the Dynamic Device Map to enable third parties to use the Map to select relevant advertisements and deliver them as well as personalized content to Users on their different browsers, apps and devices. The Map can also be used by third parties for reporting purposes, analytics, as well as fraud detection. Please note that the disclosed information cannot identify anyone personally. We may also disclose to third parties the information we collect through our technology when we have a good faith belief that it is necessary to do so: in response to legal process, to protect and defend Intent IQ’ rights or property, to prevent fraud or in cases of imminent danger, or in the event of a merger, acquisition or sale of all or a part of Intent IQ’ assets.

How long do you retain the information?

We generally store information collected via our technology for up to two years. After two years, information is discarded.

What are your security procedures?
The security of the information collected through Intent IQ’s technology is important to us. Information collected by the Intent IQ system is stored in databases that are maintained in secure data centers in the United States. Both physical and Internet access are strictly protected and limited. Access is granted only to those with authorization. The information is stored anonymously, and is therefore not personally identifiable – even by Intent IQ. No physical location, method of transmission over the Internet, or method of electronic storage is 100% secure, however. Therefore, while we strive to use commercially acceptable means to protect your information, we cannot guarantee its absolute security.

How can I opt-out?

If you would like to opt-out from Profile Data collection and from receiving more relevant ads from Intent IQ based on the Profile Data Intent IQ would have collected, please do the following:

A) Using the browser of each online device you would like opted-out, please click here

B) Turn ON the ‘Limit Ad Tracking’ flag in the Advertising sub-section of the Privacy section of the iOS Settings of each iOS device you would like opted-out.

C) Select the ‘Opt-out of Interest-based ads’ in the Ads section of the Google Settings App of each Android device you would like opted-out.

D) Go to Settings > system > advertising id and toggle the Advertising ID switch to Off on each Windows Phone you would like opted-out.

Please remember, opting-out only from the device used to view this notice, will not stop the delivery of targeted ads to you by Intent IQ based on data collected from other online devices associated with you.

Please note that opting-out will not stop the collection of Device Data and IDs and the building of the Dynamic Device Map of devices associated with you, due to the Map’s usage in fraud detection as well as its usage by third parties from which you didn’t opt-out. Opt-out from third parties using the Dynamic Device Map is subject to the third parties’ privacy policies.

Also, please note that opting-out does not erase Profile Data collected prior to the opt-out to enable the delivery of relevant advertising to you if you opt in again to behaviorally targeted ads.

Please note that if you choose to opt-out from a browser, we will place an Intent IQ opt-out cookie on your device that tells Intent IQ’s servers that you would like to opt-out. Please note that if you regularly delete cookies, use another browser or a different device, you need to renew your opt-out choice. Moreover, your opt-out process requires your browser to accept third party cookies in order for it to function. Please make sure your browser allows third party cookies before utilizing this opt-out. For more information about first party and third party cookies, please visit
Once again, please note that the opt-out cookie is relevant only to the browser used on the device you are reading this privacy policy. Usage of another browser or device requires a separate opt-out from Intent IQ per the instructions above. Deletion of this cookie requires another opt-out cookie from Intent IQ.
Finally, you may opt in to behaviorally targeted ads anytime by deleting your browser’s cookies, turning OFF the ‘Limit Ad Tracking’ flag, deselecting the ‘Opt-out of Interest-based ads’ and toggling the Advertising ID switch to ON.

IMPORTANT LIMITATION: Please note that the above Technology Privacy Policy covers ONLY Android Operating system version 2.3 or newer, iOS operating system version 6 or newer and Widows Phone 8.1 or newer. The policy does not address the way Intent IQ collects data and uses it for devices with older versions of iOS, Android and Windows Phone operating systems or any other operating system.


How can I learn more about Intent IQ’ Privacy Practices?

You may contact Intent IQ with any questions or concerns you may have at:
Last updated on March 2, 2016