Intent IQ’s patented advertising solutions use online behavior, demographic and geographic profile data to deliver relevant and timely advertising to consumers on ALL of their screens, whether TV, PC, or mobile.*
       *TV (Legacy STB/Web-connected STB/Smart TV/OTT/Game Console), PC (Desktop/Laptop) or Mobile (Smartphone/Tablet)



Our opt-out solutions follow the strictest privacy standards since they use anonymous online behavior data without ever using personally identifiable information (PII).

Over the past 14 years, Intent IQ together with its parent AlmondNet and sister Datonics have lead the industry in the development of audience targeting, cross-device targeting and real-time bidding.



We use TV viewer’s individual online behavior on their desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone to deliver relevant and timely TV commercials when they watch TV.


We use a person’s online behavior to deliver relevant ads on their mobiles, laptops and desktops.


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