Get My Information Request - MAID

Each mobile device has a unique mobile advertising identifier (a “MAID”). In order to process your request, Intent IQ needs you to provide your MAID since we are not able to automatically detect it from your device through this page. On Apple iOS devices the MAID is called the Identifier for Advertisers (“IDFA”). On Android devices the MAID is called the Android Advertising ID (“AAID”).

To find your MAID (or IDFA) on iOS devices, please see ‎Get My IDFA . To find your MAID (or AAID) on Android devices, please see Device ID – Apps on Google Play . Additional information on limiting targeted advertising on mobile devices can be found here – (note – these websites and apps are not provided by or controlled by Intent IQ).

MAIDs are personal to each device, so if you want your request to apply to multiple devices that you own, you will need to provide us with the MAIDs for all such devices.