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Intent IQ ID

Introducing post-cookie addressability at scale for marketers & data providers: powered by First-Party ID Clustering Technology.



Our innovative technology offers:


Addressability, reaching and retargeting at a scale of 180 million users in Safari and other cookieless environments in North America

Tapping into audience matching capabilities with 92% accuracy

Data onboarding, activating audiences, measured performance in a full suite of out-of-the-box solutions.

Privacy-friendly design

Think different- Think Intent IQ ID

Intent IQ ID introduces a ground-breaking solution to reach desired iPhone users in cookieless Safari right now and Cookieless Chrome next year.

Relying on its first-party ID clustering technology, this innovative approach delivers addressability, performance measurement, and data onboarding that is privacy-compliant, yet reaches more than 180 million active users across video, display, mobile, and CTV services.

By combining its abilities to reach an extensive scale of users with its exceptional accuracy, it offers significant expansion opportunities and a valuable experience for consumers, advertisers, and media companies.

Longevity resilient ID

Suitable for Prebid ORTB, Google AdX



No SSO required

Automatic User Sync

No PII required

CMP compliant

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