Intent IQ ID

(‘IIQ ID’)

The Cookieless biddable ID, powered by Intent IQ’s patented First-Party ID Clustering Technology & Publisher partners.

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Intent IQ ID (‘IIQ ID’) enables the targeting of desired iPhone users and cookieless users on an unprecedented scale and accuracy, paving the road to a cookieless Chrome. Relying on its first-party ID clustering technology, IIQ ID brings addressability, performance, measurement, and data onboarding that is privacy-compliant, yet reaches more than 180 million active cookieless users. IIQ ID is a Distributed Identity solution, enabling the identification of a visitor across sites, apps and devices. IIQ ID is deployed across over 80,000 partner publisher sites, facilitating the targeting of over 2B ads per day on Safari and other cookieless browsers. IIQ ID facilitates a privacy-friendly targeted advertising ecosystem that benefits consumers who can access content and entertainment without paywalls, advertisers that could reach their target audience efficiently and publishers who could be fairly rewarded for their content.

resilient ID

Suitable for Prebid
ORTB, Google AdX