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User Acquisition
for Mobile Game Apps

UA for mobile game apps faces the same issues that face general mobile apps: user privacy is taking precedence, IDFAs are being phased out, and retargeting is harder than ever. 

Mobile games, however, occupy their own niche in the mobile marketing ecosystem, as they have specific monetization methods that don’t necessarily apply to general mobile apps. 

In addition to the common methods of UA described above, mobile gaming apps should consider adding these strategies to their mix-up.

  • Integrate social media platforms - As the use of social media platforms is on the rise, game apps that integrate these platforms can gain app exposure, build community, and more easily create owned media marketing lists. 


  • Create video ads and playable ads - Video ads can attract more users than static ads by better conveying the user experience. The same is true for playable ads, if not more so. Playable ads allow users to try out a portion of the game, a great way to drive installs. 

  • Cross-promote - Companies that have more than one app can cross-promote their games with in-app ads. As both the advertiser and publisher, they can save money while promoting games to potentially new audiences. 

  • Long-term focus/subscriptions - As targeted ads are being phased out, more app publishers are turning to a subscription model. Doing this serves two purposes: to make up for advertising losses and to focus on long-term relationships with customers. The latter idea isn’t only about installs, but about who’s installing. Customers with the potential for a long-term relationship should be prioritized. 

  • Customer retention - Just as more gaming app publishers are looking for long-term relationships with customers, retaining current customers should be a top priority. It’s easier and more cost-effective to retain current customers than to attract new customers. 

When customer retention UA fails, IIQ’s In-App Re-Engagement solution can retarget customers who have uninstalled the app. These customers no longer need to be lost forever! IIQ can help retarget and re-engage. 

Get in touch with our experts to find out how IIQ’s In-App Re-Engagement solution can work for you!

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