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The CTV waste is over!

Get the full visibility - coverage, accuracy, precision, transparency

Our dynamic algorithms, cookieless tech and big data infrastructure will tell you

where your CTV budget is going.

Is this the path to conversion you paid for?
If only you knew

תרשים (4).png

Too many impressions, too many on the same day, too close to one another

Seriously??? So many ads for a single conversion?

Intent IQ’s CTV attribution opens your eyes to waste & hidden gems

in your CTV campaign spend. iOS & other cookieless traffic included

  • 120,000,000 Households covered

  • 450,000,000 Mobile devices

  •  4 measurement layers: household, profile, device, browser

  • Detailed auditable path to conversion

  • 92%-97% accuracy, deterministically verified every 24 hours

  • 1 DSP-Agnostic measurement

  • 6 months lookback windows

It’s free!!! It’s exclusive! It’s limited.

Enroll for your personalized campaign performance report:

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