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Intent IQ Universal ID via Prebid.js 

Want to protect your publisher’s revenues from advertisers?

Concern about privacy?

ID with coverage of over 80% of ad inventory, with 90% accuracy, Intent IQ universal ID enables partners - publishers, SSPs, DSPs, DMPs and advertisers to support, in a privacy-friendly way, and on a Person level, core elements of the advertising business model:



Intent IQ's universal ID works across IP addresses and user-agent changes.

How does it work​

The Intent IQ universal ID a.k.a IIQ person ID acts as a cross-site and cross-device persistence identifier, eliminating the need to do user cookie syncing across multiple platform across devices, Once configuring your Prebid.js setup to pull the IIQ universal ID, a powerful identifier that anonymously identifies the same person across it’s different devices and across different websites to the same ID enables your demand partners configured in Prebid to retrieve the ID and pass it on to their server side

Setup as easy as 1...2...3

  1. Install Prebid And Select Bidders Adapters section, select User ID: Intent IQ ID

  2. Register the Intent IQ ID [LINK}

  3. Configure the Intent IQ ID

Register for Intent IQ Universal ID via Prebid - It's Free! 

The IIQ Universal ID is free to use, subject to registration with Intent IQ.


Register Here

 The Intent IQ ID privacy is covered under the Intent IQ Technology Privacy Policy

Get in touch with our experts to find out how Intent IQ Universal ID can work for you

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