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Building cutting-edge innovative tech for the benefit of consumers and the enterprises serving them in a privacy-friendly way, while fostering employee creativity, satisfaction, and happiness.

Intent IQ core tech is an ever-evolving privacy friendly identity device graph, reflecting in real-time the constantly shifting digital landscape, facilitating identity resolution at an industry-leading scale and accuracy.

Intent IQ built the best identity resolution technology on the market, addressing the most pressing problems of IDFA and third-party cookie deprecation.

IIQ tech benefits client enterprises and the consumers they serve in different areas including: 

AdTech -  providing consumers with relevant advertising, that supports free content on the internet

FinTech - protecting consumers from financial fraud by preventing account takeover and new account fraud using stolen identities


Privacy - originating from the people that invented and evangelized AdChoices, privacy is in Intent IQ's DNA, as we design our privacy-focused products

Innovation – backed by +150 granted patents and a never-ending stream of products that disrupt markets by addressing industry challenges

Employees are Intent IQ’s most valuable resource. We focus on the satisfaction and happiness of our employees as their creativity, passion, and hard work are our corner stones

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