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       We let mobile DSPs continue cross- app ad targeting and attribution when IDFA goes away 


  • Mobile app publishers share their app-specific user IDs via the ad requests they submit

  • We collect mobile app-specific user ID across the multiple apps on the user’s mobile device (conceivably a different ID for each and every app on the same device)

  • We use our technology to reconcile and de-duplicate all of these IDs to a single device, with a 90% accuracy covering 80% of the ad inventory  

  • This reconciliation lets mobile DSPs continue to perform mobile cross-app ad targeting and attribution

The business benefits? 

  • Our Mobile Identity Hub (MIH) provides a practical alternative to device ID that sustains the most lucrative use cases --- Cross mobile app targeting

       - Cross mobile app attribution.

What about compliance?

  • Our solution is in line with the online advertising industry standards and in compliance with applicable requirements, including CCPA. Originating from the people that invented and evangelized AdChoices, privacy is in Intent IQ's DNA.

Sounds too good to be true. How come I’ve never heard of you guys? 

  • We’re a deep tech shop, New York based, with over 150 granted patents across our properties, and we power some companies we’re sure you’ve heard of, with our white-labeled solutions 


  • We’ve focused on developing innovative solutions, and let them speak for themselves

How much does it cost?
How does integration work?

  • Great questions. Answers depend on specifics. 

Click here to talk to our experts, and get all your questions answered:

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We'de love to tell you more about Intent IQ, and to set up a trial customized for your needs. 

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