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iOS Mobile IDs Re-Engagement

Is re-engagement on iOS lost forever?
No! You no longer need to lose users to app abandonment!

Many iOS advertisers face the issue of user abandonment and re-engagement — when users leave your app, you lose the ability to track them and are unable to try and entice them back.

When this happens, is there anything you can do?
Yes! Intent IQ has created a solution to address this specific challenge.

Intent IQ’s iOS Mobile IDs Re-Engagement solution is designed to retain users who have either uninstalled your app or have stopped engaging with it. Our unique, sophisticated algorithm enables mobile DSPs to define user IDs on other apps and then target them based on previous intent. Re-engaging these users can help bring them back to your app and extend their lifetime value.

How IIQ Brings Back Users?

Mobile iOS app advertisers can upload their app-specific first-party cookie IDs, also known as Identifier for Vendors (IDFVs), to the IIQ Re-Engagement ID Store. These IDs are tied to users that the advertiser has identified as potential targets for re-engagement.

IIQ collects the IDFVs across multiple apps on the user’s mobile device, which can conceivably be different for every app, even on the same device.

IIQ then consolidates the IDs into a single persistence identifier with 90% accuracy, covering 80% of the ad inventory.

IIQ groups the IDFVs under a single, targetable S3 bucket, as opposed to delivering the information of every user. This maintains user privacy and is in compliance with online advertising industry standards, including CCPA. At the same time, we are able to help advertisers perform mobile cross-app ad targeting while attaining goals of re-engagement.

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