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Increasing Cookieless Inventory Revenue by 3x via Bid Enhancement Services TODAY
November, 2022

Increasing Cookieless Inventory Revenue by 3x via Bid Enhancement TODAY

Increasing Cookieless Inventory Revenue by 3x via Bid Enhancement TODAY

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April 11, 2022

Brightcom, Intent IQ Partner To Provide ID Targeting For Cookieless Environments

Brightcom will announce the use of Intent IQ's Bid Enhancement Services to better identify IDs in a cookieless environment, leveraging and maximizing monetization for Brightcom’s publishers’ portfolio.

Etai Eitany, Brightcom CEO, says the company has built a reputation for helping site owners and app developers generate revenue across devices and environments, including display, video, and audio.


April 13, 2022

Brightcom partners with Intent IQ

Brightcom Group is partnering with Intent IQ, the next generation identity resolution leader, to enhance its bidding capability in RTB and programmatic advertising environments.

Their service is powered by Intent IQ's patented Identity Device Graph that processes over 20 billion events every 24 hours, over 11 billion email open/login events each month, and holds 80+ different attributes inside.

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TheMarker Labels
April 13, 2022

החברה שעוזרת לנווט ב"עולם ללא עוגיות"

בזכות אחוזי דיוק כמעט מושלמים, מעל 150 פטנטים רשומים והבנת השינויים בשוק זיהוי הדפדפנים והאפליקציות - חברת Intent IQ מובילה את התחום. וההכנסות? מגיעות רק מרווחים ש—Intent IQ מייצרת עבור שותפיה

Jan 13, 2022

Clinch Partners with Intent IQ for Expanded Cookieless Identity Solution Across Mobile and CTV

First of its kind integration, offering real-time omnichannel data accessibility with up to 97% accuracy

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Feb 4, 2022

Clinch and Intent IQ Team Up to Help Advertisers Reach Their Target Audience

Clinch has teamed up with Intent IQ to help advertisers reach potential customers. Clinch offers targeted marketing services across various digital channels, including connected televisions (CTVs) and mobile applications (MAIDs). Intent IQ, meanwhile, maintains a massive identity graph that includes more than 355 million CTV IDs and 448 million MAIDs in North America.

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May 3, 2022

Intent IQ and Infolinks Join Forces to Boost Bid Ratio & Revenues

Intent IQ’s Bid Enhancement Services yields over 30% increase in ROI for digital ad campaigns run by Infolinks.

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