DMPs ingest a wealth of data but that data is often fragmented and siloed based on the identity it is associated with.


Identity Resolution

We take individual identities (cookie IDs, mobile device IDs, mobile browser IDs, email hashes, etc) and produce a single profile from these pieces.

Offline Data Onboarding

As many advertisers shift their legacy offline business to the online world, they can migrate their offline database to targetable and actionable identifiers in the digital space.

Appending Attributes to Existing CRM Data (profile data, browsing behaviors, devices associated to user/HH, geo)

Advertisers have a good idea of the audience they want to reach and attributes they want to target. We can append various data such as search, intent, life stage, demo data as well as device, household, geo data to an advertiser's CRM database to enhance their customer profiles.


  • Build complete profiles with multiple targetable identities
  • Increase targeting scale & volume