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In today’s highly connected world, people use a variety of devices, such as phones, laptops, tablets and CTV streaming devices.

This explosion in multi-device ownership has caused a surge in the number of cross-device consumers— consumers who start and complete their customer journey on totally different devices. 

For example, a bicycle enthusiast might begin the customer journey by viewing a targeted mobile ad campaign for pedals, and later in the evening the cyclist is exposed to the same campaign on their laptop and purchases the pedals - thus completing the journey from view-to-sale on two different devices.

To compound matters further, marketing attribution has become even more difficult as the world moves toward a MAID-less and third party cookie-less world. Work-from-home culture, where the office and house environment have become blurred, adds to the complexity.

Our cross device attribution service addresses these technical, marketing and advertising pain points by taking a people-centric approach based on identity resolution.

Intent IQ’s service attributes a person’s actions to ad impressions overcoming the challenges of the  actions and impressions taking place across different devices in multiple environments including MAID-less, cookie-less and CTV.

Advertisers can leverage cross device attribution to learn of their customers’ journey, measure the effectiveness of their advertising and optimize their media spend.

Intent IQ's CDA solution is in line with the online advertising industry standards and in compliance with applicable requirements, including CCPA. Originating from the people that invented and evangelized AdChoices, privacy is in Intent IQ's DNA.

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