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          Worried 3rd party cookie deprecation would put your business model at risk?
Concerned that your revenues might suffer in the 3rd party cookie-less environments created by iOS Safari and the future Chrome?
Looking to be more in control and less at the mercy of the giant walled gardens?

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Intent IQ’s Browser Identity Hub (BIH) is the ultimate solution – it protects the AdTech business model, and it does not sacrifice user privacy in the least.


BIH provides a privacy-friendly universal ID across websites and devices.

The universal ID is an Intent IQ-generated number representing a person. This ID is not matched with personal information and remains anonymous.

Intent IQ solution enables partners - publishers, SSPs, DSPs, DMPs, and advertisers to support, in a privacy-friendly way, and on a personal level, core elements of the advertising business model -

  • Targeting across sites and devices

  • frequency capping

  • Attribution measurement across sites and devices  


BIH works regardless of IP address and user-agent changes.


BIH ranks higher on both coverage and accuracy compared with other leading solutions. It even ranks higher on coverage than third-party cookies – a significant net improvement in the post 3rd party cookie era!


Intent IQ's BIH solution is in line with the online advertising industry standards and in compliance with applicable requirements, including CCPA. Originating from the people that invented and evangelized AdChoices, privacy is in Intent IQ's DNA.

Get in touch with our experts to find out how BIH can work for you

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We'de love to tell you more about Intent IQ, and to set up a trial customized for your needs. 

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