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ATTLICA is a patent pending cross-app attribution solution.

When a client’s IDFA-less data is assigned to a device by Intent IQ, the data is immediately turned into aggregated data, to avoid device-specific cross-app attribution. This aligns with Apple’s App Store privacy and data use practices. 

However, unlike SKAdNetwork, Intent IQ is able to provide the same granular attribution post-iOS 14, in scale and with the same accuracy, as pre-iOS 14, along with months-long attribution time window. 


  • Utilizing Intent IQ’s Graph device app-user ID cluster, Intent IQ turns every ad impression and action reported by Client to aggregate data by assigning the reported ad impression and action data to both the device where they took place as well as a randomly selected similar device. 

  • As a result, Intent IQ is denied the ability to measure attribution on an individual device (because the ad impressions and actions associated with any given device may be made-up), thus aligning with Apple’s App Store privacy and data use practices. 

  • While not able to identify an individual device where action or impression took place, Intent IQ is able to calculate attribution exactly and offer clients granular attribution analysis, just as before. 

Intent IQ's ATTLICA solution is in line with the online advertising industry standards and in compliance with applicable requirements, including CCPA. Originating from the people that invented and evangelized AdChoices, privacy is in Intent IQ's DNA.

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