As consumers shift from using PC screens to using multiple screens including mobile screens in general, with over 50% of online visits to sites originating from mobile screens in particular, marketers need to reach their desired audience wherever they are on all of their screens.

Intent IQ’s cross-device technology solutions offer marketers the opportunity to reach their desired audience with relevant advertising and content on all of their devices, maximizing engagement, conversions and media buying ROI.

By targeting marketers’ mobile site visitors on their laptops and desktops, Intent IQ reaches those lucrative prospects on devices where they are 5X more likely to convert than on their smartphones.

By targeting marketers’ mobile site visitors while they are using apps, Intent IQ bridges the gap between the app universe and mobile browser environment, enabling marketers to reach their prospects within the app universe where visitors spend over 80% of their mobile time. Reaching mobile browser visitors on their apps is challenging as the mobile browser and the app universe, while housed within the same smartphone/tablet physical box, use different IDs or no IDs at all.



By targeting a mobile user based on their laptop/desktop profile data, Intent IQ maximizes the value of mobile inventory, reaches the user wherever they are, and opens additional communication channels with the user such as call and SMS.

Advanced Targeting and Retargeting: Get the highest engagement and conversions while reaching audiences across all of their devices

Conversion Attribution Across Devices: Improve media-buying efficiency and ROI by leveraging proprietary conversion attribution technology that attributes a conversion on one screen to another

Dynamic Content Personalization: Tailor content to arriving site visitors based on activity on all their screens

Analytics: Digital Trail analysis across devices provides marketers with unique insights and actionable next steps to improve the relevancy of their offers and optimize media acquisition


Technology Stack

  • Dynamic Device Map ties consumers’ different screens
  • Real-time bidder integrated with leading PC and Mobile-based exchanges
  • Data Management Platform facilitates management of first-party and third-party data
  • Fully-Featured Ad Server for Advertisers and Publishers
  • Dynamic Creative Creation and Optimization
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Cross device attribution and analytics