Linear TV

For most of its existence, TV has had to rely on mass demographic and psychographic information for targeting. Technologies developed in the last decade have made household addressability based on offline data possible, but so far they have not scaled. TV has not had the powerful benefits of dynamic, time-sensitive individual “intent to buy” online information nor the measurability of online. Now Intent IQ makes this Holy Grail available to TV.

Intent IQ has patented solutions that can deliver individually targeted TV commercials within linear and time-shifted linear TV based on online behavior and demographics collected about the TV viewer while on their desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

For example, if a person searched for car insurance on their laptop, Intent IQ can target that laptop user with a 30 second Geico commercial when they are watching ‘The Voice’ via their household cable or satellite STB. The targeted commercial delivered by Intent IQ replaces the default 30 second ad broadcasted as part of the linear TV program.

Intent IQ’s spectrum of patented solutions enables delivery of addressable advertising via the infrastructure of MSOs, Telcos, Satellites, and Smart TV manufacturers.

Integration with Intent IQ is easy and simple. All heavy lifting is done by Intent IQ.

How we work:

  • Gather desktop/laptop/mobile online data from sites in cooperation with publishers or advertisers. Intent IQ has profile data on over 180M Americans in more than 400 categories, including online behavioral categories, demographic categories and geography.
  • Correlate desktop/laptop/mobile with TV.
  • Recognize which of the household online profiled desktop/laptop/mobile users is watching TV.
  • Deliver targeted TV commercial or banner ad to the recognized TV viewer based on the gathered data.
  • Track viewer back online and deliver ads online based on TV ad viewed.
  • Provide analytics on the viewing of the targeted TV ad and subsequent related online behavior.


Intent IQ’s opt-out based addressable solutions are among the most consumer friendly in the industry. Intent IQ does NOT use any personally identifiable information of consumers such as name, address, telephone number, social security number, or e-mail. As a result, Intent IQ cannot tie its information back to a particular consumer.