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Although behavioral targeting is one of the most successful forms of online advertising, delivering scalable behavioral advertising to mobile devices and retargeting the audience with ads on their desktops and laptops, has been a major challenge.

Considering that the number of visitors to retail web sites using mobile devices is growing exponentially, already accounting for 15%-25% of the visitors, now is the time to maximize the value of mobile audiences.

Intent IQ’s patented mobile targeting solutions use online behavior to reach mobile users with ads on both their mobile devices as well as their desktops and laptops.

Intent IQ offers advertisers the opportunity to reach their desired audience, whether defined using the advertiser’s data, Intent IQ’s data, or both, with targeted ads on any of the devices used by them, whether smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. Advertisers can deliver a consistent message or sequential message across the different devices.

By targeting advertiser’s mobile site visitors on their laptops and desktops, Intent IQ reaches those lucrative prospects on devices where they spend more time online and where users convert 5 times more than they convert on their smartphones.

By targeting mobile ads based on the mobile users’ mobile, laptop and desktop profile data, Intent IQ unlocks mobile and reaches users wherever they are.

Intent IQ targets or retargets a user on any of their devices based on profile data associated with any of those devices.

For example, users showrooming in brick and mortar stores will be targeted on their laptop with relevant ads.

In another example, an interest in a specific item demonstrated during a visit to an apparel site made using a mobile device will be followed by an advertisement of that item delivered by Intent IQ to the mobile device user on its mobile, laptop or desktop post visit to the apparel site.


How it works

Integration with Intent IQ is easy and simple. We do all the heavy lifting.

  • Intent IQ uses sophisticated algorithms running on its RTB (Real-Time Bidding) profile-based platform to collect online data; correlate mobile devices, laptops and desktops; recognize target devices; and serve ads that deliver the highest ROI to the advertiser.
  • Media is acquired by Intent IQ via its platform that bids in Real-Time over billions of monthly ad impressions.
  • Analytics of detailed advertising performance is tracked per device and across devices.

What we deliver

As part of our service, Intent IQ:

    • Works with each advertiser to define its target audience using the advertiser’s data (such as site visit based information) or Intent IQ’s profile data** or both.
    • Buys ad space on ad exchanges using Intent IQ’s RTB (Real Time Bidding) profile-based platform based on the defined audience.
    • Delivers advertiser creative within the acquired ad space or enables the advertiser to deliver the creative using its own ad server.
    • Provides customizable all-encompassing views of how its prospective customers interacted with the ads and the advertiser’s site using their different screens.

** Intent IQ’s profile data includes data on over 100M Americans in more than 350 categories including online behavioral categories, demographic categories and geography.


Intent IQ’s opt-out based addressable solutions are among the most consumer-friendly in the industry. Intent IQ does NOT use any personally identifiable information of consumers such as name, address, telephone number, social security number, or e-mail. As a result, Intent IQ cannot tie its information back to a particular consumer.

Intent IQ is a leader in developing consumer privacy solutions. Its parent company AlmondNet, sits on the board of the NAI. AlmondNet developed and evangelized the marking of targeted ads and providing consumers an option to learn more or opt-out via a link in the ad, a solution known today as ‘enhanced notice’ — the online advertising industry’s leading privacy-friendly solution. As the developer of the solution, AlmondNet was the first company to deploy it as early as 2004. AlmondNet’s introduction and efforts led to the adoption of the solution by the NAI and, subsequently, the rest of the online advertising industry.

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