2014 marked the first year where Internet users accessed the web from a mobile device more frequently than from a desktop device. For Etailers and shopping sites that have relied heavily on the large screen layouts to drive conversions and funnel their visitors, this trend poses an increasing challenge in retaining visitors who are browsing their pages.

Studies have shown that users who visit a webpage from a mobile or tablet device often browse for exploratory purposes while intending to make a purchase on a larger screen like their desktop or laptop device some time in the future. Intent IQ’s patented Dynamic Device Map allows Etailers and shopping sites to continue connecting with the same visitor who visited their site, even as they migrate from a mobile device to a desktop device.


How It Works:

  • Integration is simple – generic pixel is all the Etailer is asked to place on its site pages. All the heavy lifting is done by Intent IQ’s cloud platform.
  • Catalog of the advertiser’s products and services – is automatically created by the Intent IQ platform that scans and analyzes the advertiser’s site.
  • Dynamic banner – incorporates on-the-fly catalogued products relevant to the ad viewer based on their profile. Profile data includes first party data such as researched products and conversion data, as well as third party data such as recent relevant searches on other sites aggregated by Datonics
  • All screens are targeted – mobile, where research is heavily conducted, is targeted and retargeted both on mobile web and mobile apps; PCs and tablets, where conversions usually take place, are targeted and retargeted.
  • Automatic ongoing optimization – on same and across devices for maximum ROI



  • Advanced Targeting and Retargeting – Get the highest engagement and conversions while reaching your target audiences across all of their devices based upon your own data and valuable third party data
  • Conversion Attribution Across Devices- Improve media-buying efficiency and ROI by leveraging proprietary conversion attribution technology that attributes a conversion on one screen to activity on any screen
  • Dynamic Content Personalization- Tailor content/offers to your arriving site visitors based on their activity on all their screens
  • Analytics – Digital Trail analysis across devices provides you with unique insights and actionable next steps to improve the relevancy of your offers and optimize media acquisition