Dynamic Device Map

Intent IQ’s patented Dynamic Device Map allows partners to identify the same user across their multiple device types (laptop, desktop, tablet and smartphone).

We identify users’ devices accurately. The Dynamic Device Map facilitates a suite of solutions for Media Buying/Sales Platforms, Etailers, Marketers and Publishers.

Solutions include:

Dynamic Device Map for Media Buying / Sales Platforms: Leverage the Dynamic Device Map to enable cross-device for your platform. Available today from our sister company Datonics

Cross-Device Audience Extension: Generate additional advertising revenue from your website visitors when they are not on your website

Dynamic Content Personalization: Tailor content to arriving site visitors based on their activity on all their screens

Advanced Targeting and Retargeting: Get the highest engagement and conversions while reaching audiences across all of their devices

Conversion Attribution Across Devices: Improve media-buying efficiency and ROI by leveraging proprietary conversion attribution technology that attributes a conversion on one screen to another

Analytics: Digital Trail analysis across devices provides marketers with unique insights and actionable next steps to improve the relevancy of their offers and optimize media acquisition